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Updated: Jan 15

Welcome to my new website! You may have noticed that I've been fairly quiet on social media lately, this is because I have been working on my new website and branding! I hope you like it? I wanted a clean looking logo that reflects the show stopping cakes I love to make and is instantly recognisable. Welcome to the shiny new Sanna's Cakes website which now includes information, like How to Book, Pricing Guide and beautiful photos of previous couples cutting their cakes. If you would like your photo added to the gallery please get in touch, I would love to add more. Plus a Blog page! This is completely new to me (I know, where have I been). I will add a few topics to get things rolling - I'm really not a great wordsmith though so believe me it wont be perfect, but I hope it is at the least interesting and makes some sort of sense! Thank you for your continued support - Susanna xx

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